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The challenges of facility management and the real estate industry have been growing for years. Buildings and real estate are getting bigger and bigger, tenants and users demand better service, processes are to become more energy-efficient with lower consumption. The innovative solution to these diverse problems: the Internet of Things (IoT).

IoT solutions offer high added value, especially for facility management. The new technology enables you to collect, communicate and analyze data on the status of buildings in real time and to transform it into calls for action. With IoT solutions, facility managers receive data and associated evaluations that help them develop a better understanding of buildings and their use.

With the help of IoT solutions you can automatically control your real estate and buildings: Which doors and windows are open? What is the indoor climate like? Is the parking space occupied? What is the water consumption? As a facility manager, you no longer need staff to control these conditions and to analyze them before taking action.

The new technology takes care of the monitoring. The intelligent IoT solution goes even further: all data is analyzed and evaluated by DIGIMONDO's IoT software solution. Defects are detected in advance by deviating from the norm and thus failures are prevented through predictable maintenance.

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IoT Case Study

School construction

How IoT Makes Schools Smarter

Schools in Hamburg optimize Facility Management Processes and Learning Surroundings with IoT Software Solutions by DIGIMONDO

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How Facility Management And Its Customers
Benefit From IoT Solutions

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Use Cases for
IoT at Facility Management

What do you need an IoT solution for as a facility manager? At DIGIMONDO the first step on the way to your IoT solution is to find your use case: a problem in your processes and your daily work that can be solved with the Internet of Things. We have already solved the following use cases with innovative technology:

  • Monitoring doors and windows in public buildings to prevent vandalism
  • Monitoring of CO2 values, temperature and indoor climate in rooms to create a better indoor climate
  • Digitalisation of the locking systems of buildings used by many people
  • App for end user to report contamination to facility services and to optimize processes
  • Recording of room occupancy and usage via sensors to optimize utilization
  • Use of Smart Metering: Smart meters measure consumption to prevent wasteful behaviour, reduce energy costs and foresee potential damage
  • Share energy consumption data with customers to improve service, customer satisfaction and build new revenue streams
  • Automatically check parking space occupancy with sensors
Our Testimonials

What Our Customers And Partners Say

With the help of DIGIMONDO's application software, we were able to quickly set up our own IoT radio network and create the conditions for digitising our city and optimizing our internal processes. The many application possibilities can be visualized in niota in a simple way. We can offer services for companies, for the city, and in no time for individuals.

– Richard Mastenbroek
Member of the board at SWK Stadtwerke Kaiserslautern Versorgungs-AG

Our LoRaWAN network not only helps us to improve our own processes, we also offer IoT services to our customers - thanks to DIGIMONDO for their support.

– Giuseppe Grifo
Director of SMART, Technische Werke Ludwigshafen AG

Together with our competent and reliable partner DIGIMONDO, we bring digitalisation and the Internet of Things (IoT) to cities and regions quickly, cost-effectively and offer a multitude of additional services. We have significantly expanded our business with DIGIMONDO's IoT software.

– Ludger Hemker
CEO items GmbH, Münster


Our slogan is „Good rooms for good education“ – and with Digimondo we establish intelligent rooms. We optimize our processes through digitization: The school janitor monitors all processes in real-time and reacts immediately to an alarm. We are able to reduce our energy consumption, costs as well as our CO2 emissions.

– Thomas Sies
Head of Central Facility Management at Schulbau Hamburg

Software Solution

How DIGIMONDO's IoT Software
Turns Buildings Into Smart Buildings

The Internet of Things is a great opportunity for the facility management, but often brings with it a high degree of complexity. At DIGIMONDO we want to make your path to IoT simple and with immediately measurable results. This is what we have geared our IoT Software Solutions towards. The IoT Software Solution consists of several components: the IoT Plattform niota and the LoraWAN® Netzwerk Server firefly. Many of our customers have built their own IoT network using the innovative network technology LoraWAN. Sensors deliver the data to the network. The LoRaWAN network server firefly, developed with the highest security standards, manages all sensors, receives the data, visualizes it and passes it on to your IT systems.

Our IoT platform niota is the next step for facility managers:

niota receives data from different sources of the Internet of Things, combines them and visualizes them in 3D apps. DIGIMONDO customers from facility management use the IoT app, among other things, to trigger an alarm in real time at the responsible employee and to correct errors, for example when sensors indicate that a door is open or the room climate is getting worse.

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