Industrie 4.0

IoT for Industry 4.0 –
How the Internet of Things revolutionizes the industry

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 are the buzzwords for companies in the industrial sector. The digital change is particularly evident in industry: machines, products and processes are being networked and processes automated. The connection between the virtual and the real world offers many added values for your industrial productions. Digitization promises efficiency, optimization, cost reduction and new value creation potential in manufacturing.

The trigger for this industrial revolution is the Internet of Things: Via an IoT network of sensors, gateways and IoT platform, machines communicate with each other and with people in real time. The Smart Factory is the successful concept in Industry 4.0. Become an early adopter now and find your innovative concept for IIoT and Industry 4.0 with DIGIMONDO!


How you as an industrial customer
benefit from IoT solutions

More efficient

production costs

Build new
business models

Successful IoT scenarios
for Industry 4.0

How can your company and your production go digital? At DIGIMONDO industrial clients start their IIoT projects in different areas. From an initial proof of concept at a production site, digitalisation strategies are created for the entire company.

  • Monitoring production facilities with CO2 and temperature sensors
  • Asset tracking for manufacturing processes to optimize warehouse, inventory and transportation
  • Smart metering to reduce energy costs
  • Proactive device monitoring for better maintenance
  • Smart logistics

Increase efficiency in industry
with DIGIMONDO's IoT Software

How does the change from analogue to digital technology succeed in the industry? The IIoT solutions are based on sensors as well as data processing and analysis. DIGIMONDO offers IoT software solutions focusing on data security and real-time data processing. These factors are crucial when setting up an IoT solution for industry and production. In order to ensure high IoT security as well as scalability of their IoT solution, many production sites are building their own LoRaWAN network, which sends data to our LoRaWAN network server firefly. In the network server firefly you can manage sensors and receive evaluations and visualization of your data. Our IoT platform niota takes you one step further towards the industry 4.0 solution. The platform receives, processes and visualises various data sources. This creates digital twins - virtual images on which processes and situations are tested. The link to the digital world in our IIoT solution is the key to the success of your Industry 4.0 Revulotion. Contact our IoT experts for your IoT solution!

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