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LoRaWAN® Network Server Firefly:
Manage Hardware And Analyse IoT Data

A network with many sensors and gateways requires that you manage, monitor and maintain these connected IoT devices in one place. With DIGIMONDO's LoRaWAN network server firefly the implementation, secure registration, organization, monitoring and remote management of IoT devices is done without any effort and programming knowledge from the cloud.

With firefly as IoT software you have also a scalable IoT solution that can grow from a proof of concept to a roll-out. After the LoRaWAN data has been received and analyzed in real time on the network server, it can be seamlessly integrated into your system landscape via powerful interfaces. Use our LoRaWAN network server for a secure, scalable and high-performance IoT solution!

Secure And Flexible Device Management
Available In Our LoRaWAN Network Server

Secure integration, organisation, monitoring and remote management of connected IoT devices is possible on a large scale in the LoRaWAN network server firefly. As the network server firefly is independent of device manufacturers, you can manage all devices with LoRaWAN technology via firefly. The network server is implemented strictly according to the current LoRaWAN standard defined by LoRa-Alliance. firefly can be used in any vendor cloud, private cloud, hybrid environment or in your own system landscape. We operate our SaaS- firefly service for you at any other cloud provider like MS Azure, IBM Bluemix, Google Cloud Engine and of course AWS. The network server is available in your company as an on-premise installation and is easy to use. We operate our SaaS-firefly service at Amazon Web-Services in the data center in Frankfurt. Your data is absolutely secure and separated via client logic. Our DevOps team will be happy to advise and support you in the provision and configuration of the software system.

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What Advantages Does The
LoRaWAN Network Server Firefly Offer?

Easy device

IoT security

Ready for integration

Integrate Your IoT Data
Into Your System With Firefly

Depending on your individual requirements, companies can have their own single-tenant platform or use a multi-tenant platform. With a multi-tenant architecture you can serve multiple business units and/or multiple IoT solutions. firefly offers detailed user and access rights management. You can define specific permissions at user level and even specify users for detailed analysis. All DIGIMONDO products are white label, so the entire application will designed in your CI.

You can use the visual editor to configure payload parsers for the registration of sensors. The decrypted IoT data prepared for your IT ecosystem is integrated into your system via MQTT, REST, Sockets and WebHooks.


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