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IoT for Municipal Utilities:
Pave the Way to Your Smart City!

Digital transformation does not only affect industry and business - the entire society and all areas of life are changing due to new digital technologies. In the course of these developments, the areas and companies whose task it is to create infrastructures are taking on a special position: public utilities, municipalities and energy suppliers. Become the motor of digitalisation with innovation technologies such as the Internet of Things!

The road to the Smart City leads via public utilities and municipalities. The operation of digital infrastructures still challenges many municipal utilities. The Internet of Things is your chance to become an innovation and competence leader for digitalisation in your community. In an initial proof of concept, IoT projects are created that initially optimize your own processes in the municipal utility. The IoT roll-outs of the municipal utilities reveal the added value of IoT: building new business fields and increasing the quality of life in cities, towns and in rural areas.


How innovative municipal utilities and their customers
benefit from IoT solutions

Establishing new
business areas

New sources of income


Making Your City
Smart That Easy

The keywords Smart City and IoT often sound like big tasks. At DIGIMONDO we know how to get started with IoT and we will accompany you on your first steps to your smart city. To do this, we ask just one question at the beginning: What problems do you often encounter in your company or when dealing with customers? You will find the solution in the Internet of Things. It takes only a few weeks from first plans of your proof of concept to the moment you see the first data analysis. We have already helped our municipal utility customers with these IoT applications:

  • Monitoring of district heating shafts to prevent leakage
  • Smart parking: parking space occupancy is checked with sensors
  • Smart Metering: Intelligent water, gas, heat and electricity meters transmit consumption data to utilities and for optimized service to end customers for saving energy and resources
  • Smart street lighting
  • Smart waste: The fill level of waste bins is checked with sensors

Pipe Damage Monitoring
per Sensor

Most municipal utilities need to regularly inspect their pipelines, which often run underground in sewers. The difficult access to the sewers poses great challenges for the municipal utilities.
DIGIMONDO has developed a system for this use case: a sensor measures both the temperature and the presence of water in shafts. If a predefined limit is exceeded, the sensor sets off an alarm in real time.

  1. Sensor informs the user in real time about possible pipe damage.
  2. Cost savings by eliminating unnecessary manhole inspections.
  3. The battery life of the sensor is more than 5 years.
  4. Signal penetration strength of the sensor adjustable to different manhole depths.

Smart Metering For E.ON
With IoT Network Server Firefly

One of the greatest challenges for the utility sector is reading smart meter data efficiently and cost-effectively from the basement. DIGIMONDO has solved this problem: E.ON uses our network server firefly for Germany's largest LoRaWAN-IoT-Rollout with more than 1,100 smart meters in the city of Gehrden and surroundings. Thanks to the DIGIMONDO IoT network, the electricity meters in Gehrden can be read with a reliability of more than 97%. In comparison: Meters in basements with classic mobile phone connections such as LTE achieve a reliability of about 80%.

  1. The meter data is recorded in 15 minute intervals, all values are displayed in real time.
  2. E.ON Backend receives all data on the meter app.
  3. E.ON can access the data at any time, even during network interruptions.
Our Testimonials

What Our Customers And Partners Say

With the help of DIGIMONDO's application software, we were able to quickly set up our own IoT radio network and create the conditions for digitising our city and optimizing our internal processes. The many application possibilities can be visualized in niota in a simple way. We can offer services for companies, for the city, and in no time for individuals.

– Richard Mastenbroek
Member of the board at SWK Stadtwerke Kaiserslautern Versorgungs-AG

Our LoRaWAN network not only helps us to improve our own processes, we also offer IoT services to our customers - thanks to DIGIMONDO for their support.

– Giuseppe Grifo
Director of SMART, Technische Werke Ludwigshafen AG

Together with our competent and reliable partner DIGIMONDO, we bring digitalisation and the Internet of Things (IoT) to cities and regions quickly, cost-effectively and offer a multitude of additional services. We have significantly expanded our business with DIGIMONDO's IoT software.

– Ludger Hemker
CEO items GmbH, Münster


Our slogan is „Good rooms for good education“ – and with Digimondo we establish intelligent rooms. We optimize our processes through digitization: The school janitor monitors all processes in real-time and reacts immediately to an alarm. We are able to reduce our energy consumption, costs as well as our CO2 emissions.

– Thomas Sies
Head of Central Facility Management at Schulbau Hamburg

How Utilities Start In IoT
With DIGIMONDO's software

To bring the complexity of the Internet of Things into the well-rehearsed operation of a municipal utility seems difficult and costly at first. With DIGIMONDO's IoT Software solutions it is quick and easy. One component of our IoT solution is based on LoRaWAN®. We support our municipal utility customers in setting up a LoRaWAN network so that the built-in hardware such as parking sensors forward data via the gateways to our LoRaWAN network server firefly. The network server facilitates the installation and management of sensors by visual processing. High security and performance standards of the DIGIMONDO IoT software ensure that IoT solutions are scalable and roll-out capable. If a municipal utility relies on other IoT data sources, the IoT platform niota can evaluate this data and convert it into actions.

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