IoT Software Solutions:
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Sensors that collect data and pass it on to gateways are only one part of the Internet of Things. How can you use this huge amount of data for your business? IoT data comes from a wide variety of sensors, it is unstructured and sometimes corrupted by the process of sending it over the air. IoT network servers and Iot platforms are the most important building blocks in your IoT solution. They bring your IoT data into the right structure so that it can be translated, analyzed and passed on to your own IT systems.

At DIGIMONDO we have specialized in this complex step in IoT: Our IoT software solutions automate the step of analyzing the data of your IoT devices - independent of hardware manufacturers and transmission technologies. You don't need your own analysis platform to make use of the millions of data of your IoT solution or to restrict yourself in the choice of hardware or IoT data source. Test the DIGIMONDO IoT software now and develop IoT applications without much effort!


What Does DIGIMONDO's IoT Software Offer You?

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IoT Platform Niota: 
Connect, Process And Visualize Your IoT Data

The heart of your IoT solution is the IoT platform. The DIGIMONDO IoT Platform niota processes millions of IoT data and transforms them into instructions for action using complex analyses.

With niota you simplify the implementation of your IoT projects many times over. You can develop vertical IoT solutions beyond different areas of your company and integrate them into your own processes and systems - nearly code-free, scalable and modularly extendable.

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LoRaWAN® Network Server Firefly:
Manage And Analyse Your IoT Data

A network with many sensors and gateways requires that you manage, monitor and maintain these connected IoT devices in one place. With DIGIMONDO's LoRaWAN network server firefly the implementation, secure registration, organization, monitoring and remote management of IoT devices is done without any effort and programming knowledge from the cloud. At the same time, with firefly as IoT software you have a scalable IoT solution that can grow from a proof of concept to a roll-out.

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IoT Technology

LoRaWAN is a low-power wireless network protocol. The technology was developed for use in the IoT environment. It enables wireless communication between low power devices over long distances. A license-free wireless network in the spectrum between 863 and 879 MHz is used for this purpose. With LoRaWAN, DIGIMONDO's path to the Internet of Things began: For the Smart Meter Rollout, founder Marcus Walena was looking for a technology that would allow intelligent electricity meters to be read from basement rooms. He found the right solution in the LoRa technology and developed the LoRaWAN network server firefly. This server meets the security and performance standards required by the data protection efforts in Germany and the scaling of the IoT solution in case of a rollout.

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