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IoT Platform Niota: How To Easily
Receive, Analyze And Use IoT Data

The heart of your IoT solution is the IoT platform. The DIGIMONDO IoT Platform niota processes millions of IoT data and transforms them into instructions for action using complex analyses.

With niota you simplify the implementation of your IoT projects many times over. You can develop vertical IoT solutions beyond different areas of your company and integrate them into your own processes and systems - nearly code-free, scalable and modularly extendable.

Bundle Your Data Streams
In Our IoT Platform Niota

With the IoT platform niota you can combine and make available IoT data from different sources. The Cross IoT platform niota can seamlessly connect LoRaWAN®, NB-IoT, sigfox™, classic M2M, Wifi, Bluetooth. This allows you to integrate new and existing features as well as business models of the Internet of Things into your current IT ecosystem. The IoT platform is device independent and supports open communication standards. This allows data from heterogeneous global landscapes to be collected and processed. Our focus is on IT security and data security of your sensitive data. Your data is protected by encryption methods on various transmission paths.


How You Benefit
From Our IoT Platform Niota

Receive IoT data

from all sources


No programming
skills required

Process Your IoT Data

niota is characterized by its powerful, horizontally scaling Elixir backend, its NodeJS API and its Angular FrontEnd. The backend filters, transforms and processes your IoT data with mathematical conversions. DIGIMONDO's Cross IoT platform does this complex work for you, so that you receive data that you can feed into your IT ecosystem or visualize in your dashboards and 3D apps. Our IoT platform niota can be used in any environment, whether you have a public, private or hybrid cloud. We operate our SaaS niota service for you with any other cloud provider like MS Azure, IBM Bluemix, Google Cloud Engine and AWS. IoT Platform niota is available for your company as an on-premise installation and easily applicable. Our DevOps team will be happy to advise and support you in the deployment and configuration of the software system.

Visualize Your IoT Data
In Our IoT Platform

To operate niota, you do not need much programming knowledge. Our nearly "code-free" IoT software helps you keep track of all important information with web-based user interface with user-friendly applications for device management, trend analysis, reporting and alerting. With our IoT Service Builder you can easily create dashboards and customer applications to visualize your data. The Cross IoT Platform allows you to assign and manage detailed user and access rights. You also have full control over your IoT devices: Our IoT solution guarantees secure integration, organization, monitoring and remote management of connected IoT devices on a large scale.

Award Winner: Recognition For 
Niota At IoT Survey Awards

Our IoT platform niota is one of the 38 leading IoT solutions, as the analysts of the teknowlogy Group stated in the IoT Survey 2019. "DIGIMONDO provides highly valued data visualization capabilities along with a very good performance stability of the solutions, which is crucial for success.", was the conclusion of Principal Analyst IoT Arnold Vogt. DIGIMONDO received multiple very strong ratings in different categories. According to users’ feedback, the platform usually meets business needs as users’ objectives are easily met. The time required for implementation is minimal, which is unusual for platforms. Additionally, it provides highly valued data visualization capabilities along with a very good performance stability of the solutions, which is crucial for success. In the categories "Partner Ecosystem" und "Implementation", our IoT platform convinced in comparison with other software solutions from Bosch and Google and took first place. niota was also top-ranked in the categories "Implementation", "Analytics", "Visualization", "Innovation", "Timeline", "Recommendation" und "Performance satisfaction".


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