DIGIMONDO CEO Christopher Rath among Top 25 Smart City Technology CEOs

The magazine Technology Innovators presents the CEO of DIGIMONDO as a leading visionary in the field of Smart City.

In its January 2020 issue, the online magazine Technology Innovators introduces companies from around the world and their CEOs who specialize in technologies for smart cities. DIGIMONDO CEO Christopher Rath is listed as one of the Smart City experts. Technology Innovators has selected CEOs with a vision of the future, in which the Internet of Things and the evolution to Smart City improves living conditions and maximizes efficiency and sustainability.

As co-founder of DIGIMONDO, Christopher Rath has had a vision of a smarter and better world through digitization since 2016. In the magazine he explains how DIGIMONDO's IoT solutions enable customers to connect the physical and digital worlds and solve real life problems. The Internet of Things, as a new technology, first has to prove itself to different stakeholders. Read here more about the inspiration behind Christopher Rath's work as CEO of DIGIMONDO: https://www.technology-innovators.com/digimondo/