Niota user meeting: network exchange about the Internet of things in municipal utilities

At a meeting in Hamburg niota users discussed the possible applications of the IoT platform niota.

Users of DIGIMONDO's IoT Software solutions not only run their own network, they are also part of a large network of niota users. In order to connect them with each other, DIGIMONDO held its first user meeting in Hamburg in January.

More than 40 german public utilities are among DIGIMONDO's customers. Whether smart metering, waste sensors or sensors for monitoring district heating shafts - municipal utilities often use the Internet of Things and our IoT platform to solve the same problems. At the niota user meeting, DIGIMONDO Managing Director Christopher Rath, CTO Marcus Walena and the Projects team offered many customers the opportunity to exchange information on all topics related to the Internet of Things and especially LoRaWAN. Many public utilities that use DIGIMONDO's IoT solutions operate their own LoRaWAN network. The user meeting was also a good opportunity for CTO Marcus Walena to present the latest updates of our IoT platform niota and to show customers in the roadmap where the IoT software will be heading in the coming months.

Roll-out capability in particular was an exciting topic for many participants. After the proof of concept, many municipal utilities are ready to take the next step: The IoT solutions have proven themselves and sensors are now to be installed in larger numbers. This is why DIGIMONDO also invited partners, system integrators such as items and hardware manufacturers such as IQGeo. They presented their solutions and showed how the ecosystem of partners at DIGIMONDO works together. The presentations of customers were particularly stimulating for an exchange about the different options that the Internet of Things offers for public utilities. enercity, TWL | Technische Werke Ludwigshafen and Netz Lübeck presented how they use the IoT platform niota. A wide range of different approaches was shown here: niota is an integral part of practical Smart City projects in the field of services, can open up new business models or be part of the digitization strategy of an entire city. Participants and the DIGIMONDO team agreed on the conclusion: The user meeting should soon be repeated and a lively network of niota users should be created.